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    Zakynthos Sunset Tour

    On 2 October 1980, the coaster MV Panagiotis, ran aground within the waters around Zakynthos Island on Navagio Beach during stormy climate and unhealthy visibility. Some rumours declare the ship was smuggling contraband; nevertheless official sources did not affirm this, and the captain was not convicted for such offences.

    The unbelievable formation of white sand and stone, incredible turquoise waters, and a big rusty shipwreck make this place one of a sort. Traveling evokes, pushes you forward, makes you a better person.

    It consists of hundreds of thousands of small pebbles with the blue shades of the sea so far as the attention can see, it outcomes distinctive in its gender and the relict appears like if it was made by an artist. Many theories and speculations arose and while the date is usually wrong , most of them claim that the MV Panayiotis was a smuggler ship, therefore its contributing to the name Smugglers Cove. Some say that the ship was smuggling cigarettes, wine and even humans, when authorities caught up and cornered it until the cove, the place it circled aground. Others, supporting the speculation that the vessel was indeed smuggling contraband cigarettes, booze and women, misplaced engine energy and was merely washed ashore within the bay.
    zakynthos island navagio shipwreck Another concept supports that the owner of the MV Panayiotis, Haris Kompotheklas, transported smuggled cigarettes from the ports of Yugoslavia and Albania to be able to ship them to Italy.

    On this particular journey, he was compelled to board two Italian smugglers. And while he and his crew ostensibly tried to salvage the cargo, a part of it was carried away by the waves, bringing bounty to villagers who then hid the products. The vacationers seem to like to climb the crumbling wreckage as well as to attract some horrendous graffiti on its walls marking their visit. The beach was briefly closed in 2018, and swimming and boat anchoring had been forbidden, after a cliff collapse over the seashore dropped a considerable amount of rock. The seaside reopened and anchoring permitted with restrictions due to concerns about future landslides.

    What is Shipwreck Cove? Shipwreck Cove is a fortress. A well-supplied fortress. Ching. Shipwreck Cove was an inlet found within Shipwreck Island, itself located in the Caribbean. It was the location of Shipwreck City, one of the few safe places for pirates in the Caribbean.

    • Combine mysterious shipwrecks and with crystal-clear waters and sulfur-stuffed sizzling springs on this motion-packed seashore crawl.

    The moment when we see something new, one thing extraordinary, it stays carved in our brains until the tip of our lives. No sum of money or materials stuff can substitute the joy of touring and exploring this wonderful planet.

    All the tours may be arranged individually with a person private tour upon request. Zakynthos is legendary for Shipwreck beach and you may benefit from the view with the non-public minibus with us. Local driver, who speaks English will explain you every your question and on the way again you’ll cease for brief break in the capital city. Our non-public trips are distinctive, we visit locations witch is accesible solely with our boats. We provide very experiences scippers for your safety and pleasure journeys.

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